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Window treatments can change an entire room and more

Window treatments are a big part of any room’s décor, but they are so much more than simple decorative furnishing. Custom blinds can also protect your floors and furniture and provide security in various ways. If you need new window coverings, let’s find out more about how blinds can meet your preferences and requirements.

Why are custom blinds a good solution?

One of the most prominent benefits of these window coverings is light control. Usually slatted from top to bottom, these products allow just the amount of light you want to come in, no more and no less. You can change the slats' direction for more or less light and open or close them completely. It’s a great way to keep direct, bright sunlight from bleaching out your flooring or upholstery, which lengthens their lifespan.
When you can control the inward beams of direct sunlight, you’ll also be able to manage some of the energy efficiency inside your home. Whether hot or cold, window coverings can act as a kind of insulation to regulate the temperatures just the way you want them. When you combine these energy savings with the fact that a window blind is an affordable product option, the savings can add up.

When completely closed, these products offer an astounding level of privacy, which equals safety in many areas. But they also provide benefits like ease of maintenance and cleaning, and aesthetics that work for every décor style. They’re perfect because it’s not just about the color or format.

These pieces are available in various material options, including vinyl, metal, wood, and fabric. Choose your material, color, and extra benefits for a whole package approach that serves you well. You might find you want these treatments in every room of your home.

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At Top Line Floors, you’ll find our showroom to be a comfortable place for a wide variety of materials and services for residential and commercial locations alike. We specialize in helping you find the perfect match for your needs, and we even offer a free proposal. We’ll work alongside you no matter how large or small your project.

We proudly service residents from Cortez, CO, Dolores, CO, Arriola, CO, Mancos, CO, Pleasant View, CO, Dove Creek, CO, and Monticello, UT, and we’d love to help you find the perfect materials as well. No matter what your style or décor needs, you’re sure to find a perfect match. When you need custom window blinds for any room, please stop by our showroom in Cortez, Colorado.