Is it true that luxury vinyl flooring imitates natural materials?

Is it true that luxury vinyl flooring imitates natural materials?

One of the first things you'll notice about luxury vinyl plank and tile is the stunning visual. This is because these materials can mimic natural materials with the greatest ease.

You'll find products that look like the real thing, with plenty of realism. And once in place, your guests may never know they're luxury vinyl.

How can these floors look real?

The image layer is the flooring part that takes on the image of the wood, stone, or porcelain tile imitation. It's created with 3D laser printing technology that quickly copies the real thing.

This image layer easily captures the grain or vein pattern in LVP flooring and the colors and designs. And it's covered with a protective wear layer that protects that image from daily wear.

But you can layer on even more realism with a textured layer. These options create real scrapes, brushes, and imperfections that add to the authenticity.

Because looks aren't everything

Finding the perfect visual is a great way to match your decor and style. But you'll also love the benefits that cater to your lifestyle.

Stain, scratch, and dent resistance all work to protect your luxury vinyl tile and plank. As a result, you'll see fewer signs of daily wear and more decor matching beauty.

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